With our help you can take the holiday of a lifetime.


There are many other ways that you can help. Here are a few ideas – let us know if you have any others:

  • Take one (some) of our collection cans (pictured below) and place it in a shop, pub or other local business. Check the can(s) once every 2 months. Deposit the contents into the CFHF account, easy!
  • organise a coffee morning or cupcake tea party
  • get together with friends and family for a sponsored run, walk or swim
  • if you are more adventurous, do a parachute jump like Molly or abseil down a building or climb a mountain
  • hold an annual event (a dinner or ball, for example) in memory of someone who had CF
  • write about the holiday that we have helped you with for your local newspaper and ask them to donate the fee to us so we can send other people on holidays
  • send us your holiday details, pictures and video clips for our website and newsletter


CFHF collection can
One of the CFHF collection cans waiting for a new home. Please contact us if you are able to place one in your community on our behalf, thank you.

Molly Leaf and her dear friend Iona

Molly mid fall!In CFHF t-shirtsMolly-Iona articleMolly leaping out of the plane

Molly approached the CFHF following the death of her good friend Iona from CF. Iona had benefited from CFHF grants in the past and was a great supporter of the charity.

Molly and Iona had planned to carry out a skydive to raise funds for the CFHF and Molly was determined, despite her fear of heights, to press ahead in Iona’s memory.

With an initial target of £500 Molly soon exceeded everyone’s expectations and brought in a whopping £2,400.

But the fundraising didn’t stop there. The Horsforth community, where Iona lived, has been extraordinary. Iona’s family, friends, school, dance school, have all come forward to raise money on behalf of this extraordinary woman.

We have been touched by everyone’s efforts, glad to have been able to contribute to Iona having a break she so deserved, and deeply saddened that this wonderful woman is no longer with us.

To all of Iona’s family and friends, thank you, you are truly inspirational.