With our help you can take the holiday of a lifetime.


CF is one of the most distressing medical conditions affecting children and young people in the UK. Life expectancy varies and whilst some CF sufferers live into their 40’s far too many die in their teens and 20’s.

  • CF is one of our most common life-threatening inherited diseases – it affects around 10,000 people in the UK
  • It is caused by a defective gene carried by one in 25 people.
  • If two carriers have a child it has a 1 in 4 chance of inheriting CF – five babies are born with this disease every week.
  • CF affects the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, clogging them with sticky mucus making it hard to breathe and digest food
  • Daily intensive physiotherapy is necessary as is a strict regime of medication (taking as many as 18 different drugs a day)
  • Susceptible to all kinds of infections for people with CF going into hospital for a few weeks every so often is the norm
  • Sometimes extreme medical intervention, such as a lung transplant, is necessary

  • CF reduces the lifespan of everyone with this disease considerably

Family life with CF

The lives of families, including siblings, are totally geared around providing the care of the child through daily medication, physiotherapy and frequent hospital visits. To provide the daily care necessary many parents are unable to go out to work and as a result families are plunged into a world where they are dependent on benefits. For a child with CF, facing their shortened life expectancy and life time of treatment, a family holiday is a truly magical and life enhancing experience, the memories of which will be treasured forever.


The Hidden Disease


Q. Which of these attractive young people and children is a healthy individual?

A. None of them – they are all suffering from CF but, unless you know them personally, you would never guess that every day is a struggle for survival. Cystic Fibrosis disrupts work and play, education and family life, so taking a holiday can help re-establish a sense of normality, as well as giving a well deserved break to all concerned.

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